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    Multiform Kingstone K1000

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      • Multiform Kingstone K1000
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  • Japanese sharpening stones, synthetic (Toishi) The synthetic Japanese water stones are due to their excellent sharpening performance more and more enthusiastic users. The relatively soft bond and the porous structure of the stones during the processing are continuously exposed fresh, sharp particles, resulting in optimal sharpening performance. The stones are made of metal oxides, carbides and nitrides of high chemical purity, which are bound in a ceramic or synthetic matrix. They are suitable for both Japanese and European cutting tools and knives. If necessary, they can use sand paper on a glass plate, or even better with the Flattening Stone (No. 711 299) re-dressed plan. The stones are before use 2 - soaked 10 minutes, but they can also be stored permanently in the water. The advantages: • No overheating of the steel • No cutting rounding • fine grits • High performance grinding • No oil on the blades 1000 grit, 61 x 22 x 5 mm.

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